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For the Canteen

Water coolers and drinking water boilers.

Selecting the right Water Cooler or Drinking Water Boiler for you depends upon how many people will use it and what you want it to do.

Below are the most popular machines for canteens and staff rooms where high volume is usually most important. There are lots of lower capacity alternatives available, just click on Cooler Range or Boiler Range for the full details.
Direct water cooler for the canteen


Immediate Draw off Cold: 1.4 Litres
Immediate Draw off Hot: 1.2 Litres
Hourly Output Cold: 20 Litres
Hourly Output Hot: 7 Litres

Size(mm): 320mm (W) x 345mm (D) x 1110mm (H)
Full Details
Titan water cooler for the canteen


Immediate Draw off: 30 Litres
Hourly Output: 40 Litres

Size(mm): 340 (W) x 340 (D) x 1180 (H)
Full Details
200c water boiler for the canteen

Instanta CPF210

Immediate Draw off: 12 Litres
Hourly Output: 28 Litres

Size(mm): 300mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 560mm (H)
Full Details
Instanta PB5 Counter Top Boiler

Marco PB5

Immediate Draw off Hot: 5 Litres

Hourly Output Hot: 28 Litres

Size (mm) - 210mm (W) x 464mm (D) x 465mm (H)
Full Details
300cwater boiler for the canteen

Instanta WM3 (Wall Mounted)

Immediate Draw off: 3 Litres
Hourly Output: 28 Litres
Size(mm): 332mm (W) x 298mm (D) x 452mm (H)
Full Details
700cwater boiler for the canteen

Instanta WM7 (Wall Mounted)

Immediate Draw off: 7 Litres
Hourly Output: 28 Litres

Size(mm): 350mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 498mm (H)
Full Details


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New Products

Neat, compact and economical, yet will give you 5 litres of Boiling Water in one hit and 27 litres per hour.

The 100c Water Boiler
See it here

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