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Money back on water coolersMoney Back Guarantee: 

"If we don't service your machine on time, we'll give you your money back!"
Why? . . . Because we are so confident that we offer the best service in the industry*
We supply great value Water Coolers and Drinking Water Boilers. All water machines need servicing to ensure you get a hygienic supply. This requires regular on-time sanitisation which means a regular programme to firstly sterilise all the water contact surfaces & then to clean the machine and replace the water quality filters. You wouldn't drink out of a dirty cup, so you need to be sure your water cooler or drinking water boiler is properly serviced.  

*Contact us for more details.
New Products

Neat, compact and economical, yet will give you 5 litres of Boiling Water in one hit and 27 litres per hour.

The 100c Water Boiler
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