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Drinking Water Boilers - Purchase Price List

The sanitisation service involves sterilisation of your boiler and de-scaling as required. To ensure excellent water quality and to reduce scale, we recommend a 4 monthly filter replacement to coincide with the sanitisation service. This service is critical to maintaining the hygiene of your machine.

Purchase Prices

Drinking water boiler
Type Price

Counter Top £375.00

Counter Top £310.00

Counter Top £355.00

Counter Top £525.00

C4000 Counter Top £649.00

Wall Mounted £425.00

Wall Mounted £415.00

Wall Mounted £475.00

We do supply a range of other premium boilers that you may be interested in such as the DB2000, CH1000 & UCD 7. Please call us for prices on these drinking water boilers.

Sanitisation Service

60 Month 36 Month 24 Month
Sanitisation & De-scale £55.00 £65.00 £75.00

Filters - Super Scale £45.00 £45.00 £45.00
Installation £99.00 (per boiler)
Installation Kit £95.00 each
All units are subject to WEEE at £10.00
Box of 1000 0.2 litre (7oz) Clear Plastic Drinking Cups £19.75 per box
Paper Cups Standard, 2000 (For both hot & cold drinks) £68.50 per box

All prices shown exclude VAT, which is charged at the prevailing rate.

New Products

Neat, compact and economical, yet will give you 5 litres of Boiling Water in one hit and 27 litres per hour.

The 100c Water Boiler
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