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Water Cooler and Drinking Water Boiler Prices:

For advice about the right Water Coolers and Drinking Water Boilers for you, or to discuss pricing, don't hesitate to call our Sales Team on 01202 828317

Prices and Servicing:

With all of our water coolers and drinking water boilers you have the option to buy or rent. Prices depend on the type of machine, number of machines and length of service contract.

For purchase prices see Cooler Range, Boiler Range, & Under Counter Units

For rental prices of a water cooler or a drinking water boiler , contact us and we will give you a quotation

Sanitisation & Servicing:

Whether you buy or rent your cooler, all machines require sanitisation to ensure they remain hygienic. This involves the sterilisation of all water contact surfaces and is carried out by our engineers on a regular basis.

Drinking Water Boilers require regular maintenance to prevent scale build up and to ensure that they are kept in good working order at all times.

Sanitisations & De-scales are included in your rental price, but are charged separately ‘per visit’ for purchased water coolers and drinking water boilers.


As an integral part of the service for both coolers and boilers, we will replace the in-line filter. These are consumable items and are charged from £35 each.


Installation is normally £99.00 (max per machine)

An installation kit is required for each installation. This comprises of a self piercing valve or ‘T’ bar, a filter housing and all necessary pipe work, joints etc. This is usually charged at £95.00.

Environmental Levy:

This is a small Government levy under WEEE legislation to accrue for the cost of the environmentally friendly disposal of coolers, boilers and other electrical components at the end of their useful life. It is 21 pence per week.

Our "Money Back Guarantee":

If we fail to service your machine within the agreed schedule, we'll give you the money for that service back.

Payment terms - 30 Days:

Rental and servicing is charged quarterly in advance.

Ancillaries and other products are invoiced on delivery.

All prices shown exclude VAT, which is charged at the prevailing rate.

New Products

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