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CH1000 Water Boiler & Chiller

CH1000 Hot & Cold Drinking Water Machine

CH1000 Water Boiler & Chiller

The CH1000 is a fantastic drinking water boiler. It will deliver both hot and cold water to the workplace. You can now do away with both your kettle and bottled water cooler!
  • Constant hot water at 98 degrees
  • 4 Litres instant hot water draw-off
  • 28 Litres per hour of hot water
  • Service Warning Diagnostics
  • 12 Litres per hour chilled water
  • Auto Fill

Buy from: 1,095.00

Rental also available

To rent or purchase this item please call us on
01202 828317.

Other things you will need with this product
Installation, De-scale & Filters.

De-scale from £55.00, Filters from £45.00

Product Details

Typical locations: Any busy office, canteen, staffroom, warehouse, kitchen, office kitchen where you need to have high volume of both hot and cold water
Models:Counter Top
Options:Hot & Cold
Output:28 Litres/Hour
Cold °C:3C - 9C
Hot °C:98C
Casing:Stainless Steel
270(W) 503(D) 579(H)
Filtration: Doulton
Special Features: Easy to use non-drip taps
Thermistor Control
12 Litres per hour chilled

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