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DB2000 Lockable Water Boiler

DB2000 Lockable Water Boiler

DB2000 Lockable Water Boiler

The DB2000 is a counter top drinking water boiler and has an optional advanced programmable locking system. This allows the machine to be ready for use at the touch of an electronic key. It is perfect for high security users where health and safety is a specific concern.
  • The Instanta DB2000 will give 72 cups in one hit
  • Neat and compact drinking water boiler
  • DB2000 comes with 3 key fobs and up to 20 (at a cost!)
  • Tap Clearance to Drip Tray (mm) 145
  • Auto Fill
  • WRAS approved

Buy from: 685.00

Rental also available

To rent or purchase this item please call us on
01202 828317.

Other things you will need with this product
Installation, De-scale & Filters.

De-scale from £55.00, Filters from £45

Product Details

Models:Counter Top
Operation:Push Button
Output:28 Litres/Hour
Hot °C:98C
Casing:Stainless Steel
260(W) 465(D) 608(H)
Filtration: Doulton
Special Features: Electronically controlled to deliver water at 98C
Programmable down to 80C if required
Simple push and hold dispense button
Energy Saving ECO mode
Insulated for economy and safety
Early warning diagnostics with LCD read out
Five water level sensors
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