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Instanta Dual Chamber 15

Instanta DC15

Instanta Dual Chamber 15

Instanta sure flow DC15 is fantastic dual purpose drinking water boiler. It has 2 x 7.5 litre tanks, which can be set at different temperatures. It has a comprehensive diagnostic display screen with single mains feed supplying both tanks. Supplied with a stainless steel drip tray.
  • Twin LCD Screens
  • Dual 7.5 litre tanks
  • Dual safety protection boil dray and over boil
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Each tank can be a different temperature

Buy from: £995

Rental also available

To rent or purchase this item please call the sales team on 01202 828317

Other things you will need with this product; Installation, Filters and De-Scale.

Descale from £55 and filters from £45.

Product Details

Typical locations: Superb for any offices, restaurants, cafes or kitchens wher a high volume of hot water is needed quickly.
Models:Counter Top
Capacity:15 Litres Hot Water
Output:27 Litres/Hour
Hot °C:72C to 98C
Casing:Acrylic Coated Steel
338(W) 526(D) 640(H)
Filtration: Doulton Scale Inhibitor
Special Features: Able to have the 2 tanks at different temperatures.
LCD visual display screen per tank.
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